Dimensions of Faith: Understanding Faith through the Lens of Science and Religion

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In 'Dimensions of Faith', cognitive scientist Steve Donaldson takes readers on a journey from the world of assumptions, set minds, widely varying beliefs, and popular misconceptions to an understanding of the true essence and role of faith as the natural and inevitable product of brains. Using numerous illustrations and examples, Donaldson shows how faith is necessitated by a variety of unavoidable limitations, exposes the myth of a divide between faith and critical thinking, provides practical advice for crafting coherent beliefs, and explains why there can never be such a place as "Factland". Along the way he takes a special look at religious faith - evaluating its attributes, exploring its relation to other manifestations of faith, investigating whether God has done his job well enough to warrant the faith placed in him, and pondering how truth seekers can sometimes end up in very different places. Steve Donaldson, PhD, is Professor and Computer Science Program Director at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He also codirects the Computational Biology program, teaches in the Science and Religion and University Fellows Honours programs, and is one of the cofounders of the Samford Centre for Science and Religion. 'In "Dimensions of Faith", Donaldson offers a very readable argument that whether a person is religious or not, all of us are imbued with faith as a fundamental component of what it means to be human. Many authors have delved into faith from either a religious or scientific perspective; few have succeeded in integrating faith and reason in such a seamless fashion. Dimensions of Faith is a must-read for anyone interested in the interface of science and religion.' Thomas W. Woolley, PhD, Professor of Statistics, Samford University. ' "Dimensions of Faith" is a brilliant, engaging, and accessible meditation on its subject. It is a robust defence of human freedom and an encouragement against fear of openness to experience. You may not like all the answers offered here, but your assumptions about faith will not remain untouched if you're open to examining them. This is a book to think with and meditate upon.' Brian Steele, Associate Professor of History, The University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Steve Donaldson


Published Date - December 31 2015

ISBN - 9780718894214

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm

Page Count - 298

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