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THE TALKING SNAKE Have you ever wondered why a third-world country like Uganda remains stagnated? Why is it taking over three decades to build a railway line even after decades of technological changes globally? Why is a country with fertile land and passionate people eager to work and learn still classed as a third-world country? As a Christian, Ham E. Kaima strongly believes that man will come to his senses – but not until he is driven to the brink. Or finally, realise that there is no such thing as a talking snake. Ham Kaima’s story is an epic tale of human tragedy, suffering and destruction, which he felt had to be put on paper to show the proper perspective of Uganda’s destruction. Ham Kaima still cannot believe a man’s inhumanity to fellow man, the lust for power, and the ease with which people can kill. This” is one man’s story of a hell on earth…. This story will touch every free man and woman’s heart, mind, and soul. In this book, he shows you why Uganda is still bleeding today. We cannot stop what happened, but we can prevent it from happening again”. In this novel, The Talking Snake, Uganda is bleeding Ham. E. Kaima – gives you the history and its daunting past, and he then ensures that you never forget it by narrating a true story in which he clearly shows you the atrocity’s impact on its people. The Talking Snake explains why Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is still bleeding even over 50 years of independence. This book may be the answer Uganda has been waiting for because the dead do not die.


Publisher - Business Link Bureau Ltd (a JoeNeDoe Company)

Author(s) - Ham Kaima


Published Date - September 22 2022

ISBN - 9781804670712

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1.9 cm

Page Count - 278

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