Britain's Great Immigration Disaster

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In the long history of Britain as an independent nation all of the immigrant groups who ever reached our shores never amounted to more than one per cent of the population...before 1997. After 1997 more than five million immigrants were allowed to come and live in Britain unhindered and they now make up 10% of the total population of Britain. Between now and 2020 these new immigrant settlers will increase in number by nearly half a million a year up until at least 2020. There was no vote ever taken, it was not in any political manifesto and it was never discussed in Parliament but the consequences of this invasion has changed the face of Britain forever. The exact financial cost to the taxpayer remains a secret but the imminent dismantling of the welfare state and the NHS shows that we are already paying the bill. Still to come are years of civil unrest, strikes and increased terrorist activity, restrictions placed on our liberties and drastic reductions in our living standards. This book examines the legacy New Labour left Britain and the prospects of our survival over the next decade.


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Author(s) - Gavin Cooke


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ISBN - 9781780353104

Dimensions - 19.7 x 13.2 x 2 cm

Page Count - 235

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