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After penning a memoir about the ‘tales and fails’ of being Britain’s Tea Poet, Lizzie was rudely interrupted whilst performing at a charity event. Tea was having its way with her again. Three strangers in quick succession serendipitously asked, ‘If I was a tea, what would I be?’ And one of them was a coffee witch! The memoir grew cold as a fresh infusion of ideas brewed.

Reigniting her passion for the ‘little leaves’ and successfully qualifying as a ‘Tea Champion’ at the UK Tea Academy in 2022, a tea wellbeing service came into being. Lizzie started delivering ‘Teas Like Me’ encounters, using tea as a metaphor to help guests to re-root themselves in their essence. The service has morphed into a book so the reader, too, can host teas which might take friends and family forward with a greater sense of being grounded in their inner terroir.

Alternatively, it may simply expand the reader's knowledge of both teas and herbal and botanical infusions as they come to life in verse and prose.


Publisher - Riverside Publishing Solutions Ltd

Author(s) - Lizzie Leigh


Published Date - May 01 2024

ISBN - 9781913012854

Dimensions - 16.5 x 13 x 1 cm

Page Count - 96

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