Rhyming Times


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The main purpose of this book is to assemble in one place the surviving rhymes I’ve scribbled down or tapped out on keyboards over nearly six decades during various moods and moments of reflection. Most remind me of precisely where I wrote them, from teenage bedroom days in the 1960’s - doing homework to Beatles music - through a busy family life as husband and father in England and Australia; to where I am now, living quietly with my cat Toby in a cottage in the Kent countryside. Some flew quickly from head to page, a couple woke me up fully formed (e.g. Cross Words), causing frantic groping for pen and pad - and others took more time, and some rewriting.


Publisher - Jaromin Publishing

Author(s) - Robert Cox


Published Date -

ISBN - 3780281145353

Dimensions - 18 x 14 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 79

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