Paint Yourself


Title: Saddle Stich
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Paint Yourself is a poetry collection whose very purpose is steeped in the exploration of preconceived perceptions, and whether they can be reconfigured, refreshed, renewed, viewing the world - sunsets specifically - in a new way. The poems track this journey into sunsets, a journey of ideas and perception, through three main stages: loosening, breaking, binding; the process of gaining new perspectives. Combined with the poetry is a range of innovative graphical elements, drawings by the author himself, acting as visual backdrops to the powerful words, words spurred by the loss of a close friend.


Publisher - Arkbound

Author(s) - Tom Burgess

Saddle Stich

Published Date -

ISBN - 9780993526511

Dimensions - 14.8 x 21 x 0 cm

Page Count - 44

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