The Cotswolds - Exploring the Historic Cotswolds


Title: Paperback
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This full colour book to the Historic Cotswolds takes you alphabetically through the fascinating and mostly hidden side to the Cotswolds. 100s of pen and ink line drawings by Peter Reardon matching 100s colour photos of the same thing by his son Nicholas Reardon, so one can see things such as a stone crocodile head, with a spring gushing out of its mouth at Compton Abdale, as both a line drawing and colour photograph. The book travels all over the Cotswolds from its very own Stonehenge (Rollright Stones) in the North of the Cotswolds, to a Sham Castle in the South, with lots of strange or old odd things to see on the way, with this book you will soon find the Cotswolds have something of interest for anyone.


Publisher - Reardon Publishing

Author(s) - Nicholas Reardon | Peter Reardon | Nicholas Reardon


Published Date - May 25 2022

ISBN - 9781901037128

Dimensions - 21 x 23.5 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 91

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