Exploring Black and White Photography: A Masterclass

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Renowned photographer Paul Gallagher offers us the benefit of over 30 years' experience in this practical and inspiring guide to the world of black and white photography. In Exploring Black and White Photography: A Masterclass, Paul explores all aspects of the subject in an approachable way, providing keen amateur photographers with the tools and techniques to achieve success with monochrome images. Beginning with a discussion on the reasons why black and white photography is still so popular today, this PhotoWise title also includes sections on: what works in black and white; exposure and filters; using forms, lines and textures; contrast and tones; converting colour images into black and white. As an experienced author, Paul Gallagher is able to produce a book that provides us with the essence of black and white photography in an engaging style, which makes learning a pleasure. With many of Paul's own photographs to provide inspiration for aspiring black and white photographers, Exploring Black and White Photography is also an enjoyable read for those who appreciate photography at its very best.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Paul Gallagher


Published Date - July 19 2016

ISBN - 9781910226452

Dimensions - 21 x 24 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 96

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