The last Indigo and the Beast of Epicerra


Title: Paperback
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In another world, he was a legend, feared by all. On earth... he's just trying to fit in.

Indigo can't remember more than the past seven days, but that's the least of his worries. First, he needs to find math class. He needs to stay out of trouble. But more than anything, he needs to figure out why his eyes are changing color!

Trying to avoid talking about his life, because he doesn't remember it, Indigo attends his classes and makes friends. But his mother hasn't been telling him the whole story... or, any of the story. When he learns the truth, it means he will have to choose a side. His past life, or a future fighting against it. Indigo will learn to bring clay to life, harness powerful energy in his hands, and above all he will find a way back to the place he used to call home.

But trouble arises when a terrible beast takes the opportunity to come to earth, seeking his revenge. Now Indigo must attempt to use the powers he's honed to save everyone around him.


The Last Indigo and the Beast of Epicerra will have readers glued to the pages by giving them a hero they can relate to and cheer for! Keep the pages turning in this epic fantasy they'll remember for a lifetime.


Publisher - 5th & Main Bookstore

Author(s) - Chris Hall


Published Date - April 22 2024

ISBN - 9781963965001

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 270

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