The Bastard from Fairyland


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He's Robin Goodfellow to those he knows. Or Puck, his psychotic alter-ego, to those he kills. Betrayed, banished and bitter, this fae warrior lives among human beings, they think he’s a demon. The teenagers he’s vowed to protect, despise him. But now the fae need his help, especially the man who betrayed him. He’s brought along Robin’s lover to guarantee his cooperation.

Yet things are not as they seem. For shadowy forces within the fae have different plans. It’s not Robin they want. They need Puck. He's the perfect stooge to kill a king.

This is Book One of The Knights' Protocol trilogy.

What have people said about The Bastard from Fairyland?
"This is effing brutal. There's blood, torture, death, violence, a world savaged by fae and under threat of total destruction. Loved it."
"A well told tale which combines Celtic myths, Arthurian legends, dystopian visions of a world ravaged by climate change and some good old blood and guts battles. Oh, and dragons. What's not to love?"
"The story unfolds at a cracking pace. Characterisation is excellent. The fight scenes are particularly evocative."
"The prose is simply beautiful. It's a book that takes you to a Fantasy world unlike any other but also reflects our times in a very real way. A unique and fresh modern take on a genre that sorely needs more books like this."


Publisher - BookVault

Author(s) - Phil Parker | Tom Parker


Published Date - July 10 2024

ISBN - 9781980488408

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 255

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