Soul Spark Journal: Manifesting Law of Attraction Guided Journal


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The Soul Spark Essential Pink Journal is a hardcover 4-month guided journal, featuring; a minimalist soft pink cover, guided journaling prompts with ample lined spaces, as well as dainty line art and inspirational quotes scattered throughout. An intuitive journal and guided process to define your desires and manifest your dreams. Many beautiful publications have been written, and workshops offered on the law of attraction. But... How do we integrate the law of attraction into our lives? How do we allow our desires to manifest? How can we keep being excited while we wait for them to show up? More understanding of the Law of Attraction is not the answer. We need to feel as though we already have what we’re asking for. The aim of this journal and guided process is to allow you to experience a powerful way to constantly integrate the practice of the law of attraction into your life: - To uncover deep desires - To help you to tune in to the vibration of your desires so that they can be received - To separate your thoughts from the past and what has been to your new reality - To place yourself in a vibrational place of receiving all that you are asking for


Publisher - Soul Spark

Language - English

Author(s) - Jessica Louise | Jessica Louise


Published Date - December 01 2020

ISBN - 9780645066678

Dimesions - 21 x 14.8 x 2.4 cm

Page Count - 379

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