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Mountain hit the Arctic, knowing full well they would have to drag his dead body back out of the tundra before he ever quit on his little brother, Teegan. Theirs hadn’t been the easiest of upbringings, but, when times had been tough, there’d always been the two of them.

Yet the series of events so far has gone from mysterious to downright deadly, and just what is the elusive Dr. Amelia’s part in all this anyway? Like a ghost, she slips in and around everyone. What is her problem with the base, and, more important, what is her end game?

Dr. Amelia Morrison had seen too much in her life to trust anything she can’t fathom with her own eyes. So, what she sees here makes no sense. Something is rotten at the Arctic international military training camp. She needs to stay close, but, deep inside, she just wants to run for cover. But this mountain of a man keeps her coming back, and his younger brother she manages to keep alive. However, saving a man out in these harsh elements is a completely different story than saving him from his fellow man.
Together, Mountain and Amelia need to solve this nightmare, before no one else is left alive …


Publisher - Valley Publishing Ltd.

Author(s) - Dale Mayer


Published Date - February 21 2024

ISBN - 9781778862694

Dimensions - 21.6 x 14 x 1.4 cm

Page Count - 252

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