I Am the First: Graphic Novel


Title: Hardback
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In small-town Maine, standing out in a crowd can be dangerous. Alec hasn’t had an easy life. After his father died, his mother married Don to help make ends meet. What she didn’t know, her second husband would turn into an alcoholic leech. Worst yet, his drunken rages are directed at Alec, the son he never wanted.

To make mattes worse, Alec has a secret even he doesn’t understand.

When Roxi discovers her best friend has superpowers, Alec isn’t thrilled. He doesn’t want to become a hero, he wants to be left alone. But when a mysterious arsonist appears in Abbey Mills threatening his loved ones, he’ll need to make a decision. Can Alec come to grips with his identity before he loses the people he cares about most?

The graphic novel contains all five-issues and bonus epilogue. I Am the First deals with topics such as coming out, verbal abuse, bullying, mental health, grief, and suicide. But despite these heavy subjects, it speaks about hope, being true to yourself, and the rewards it can provide.


Publisher - Jeremy Flagg

Author(s) - Amanda Kahl


Published Date - July 10 2024

ISBN - 9781953915344

Dimensions - 24.4 x 17 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 134

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