HAPSIE - April 2024


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Printed on FSC Paper, with eco-glue, water-based ink, carbon neutral printing and 100% recyclable, this 48-page monthly comic is filled with stories, games and eco-activities from your favourite HAPSIE crew members! Perfect for 7 - 11 year olds (but great for any age!)


This is an edition of the monthly HAPSIE comic.


HAPSIE delivers endless HAPSINESS to young people and grown-ups alike. Our aim is to amuse, amaze, and educate everyone who follows. We're here for all budding eco-warriors!


Adah Action is always on-hand to provide monthly Action Challenges for you to take part in. These challenges help make a difference to the world around us! 


Join the HAPSIE crew of: 


  • Adah Action - Adah makes change happen!
  • Chucky Chores - Loves to help, hates instructions!
  • Cunning Carly - Tricking grownups into being better!
  • Ellie Ment - Making science magic!
  • Greedy Greg - For Greedy Greg, green is only a colour of money.
  • Ham & Ru - Brothers that cause havoc for good!
  • Ignorant Ike - Ike does what Ike wants!
  • Lucas Litter - Lucas loves litter!
  • Naeco & Ria - Expedition of our ocean and air!
  • Owen & Susie - The mystery eco-adventure duo!
  • Stefon Back - The boy who can step on back in time!
  • Hope - Finding good in all of us!
  • Upcycle Michael - If there's life left in it, Michael won't bin it!
  • Villainous WHO - The villain who doubts everything!


…and enjoy the world of HAPSIE. More information can be found at HAPSIE.com. 


Publisher - Clean Planet Foundation CIC

Author(s) - Bertie Stephens


Published Date - April 01 2024

ISBN - 9600754000281

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 0.3 cm

Page Count - 47

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