Be Good with Money


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No matter how good we are at money, we always want to be better. 

Drawing on a 30-year career as a financial advisor, influenced by a family history of financial secrets and betrayal, Michelle Arpin Begina exposes the silent narratives of shame and secrecy that often tether us to lifelong struggles with money. Be Good With Money illuminates the path to understanding the real roots of financial self-sabotage, liberating readers from the myths that hold them back.

With a blend of compassion and expertise, Michelle reveals six transformative concepts to dismantle the financial booms and busts that keep us stuck. Too often, we find ourselves privately nursing wounds in survival mode, and falling short from realizing our full financial potential. Through in-depth money therapy exercises, she guides us to transform our relationship with money to be as good with it as we are in the rest of our life.

Instead of a magic wand,
 Be Good With Money is an old school / new school mashup of social psychology and financial therapy, weaving stories—complete with plot twists—that whisper the truth about our often secret, tangled relationships with money. Michelle’s empathetic approach will help you make peace with your past and embrace your financial reality with clarity, confidence, and courage.

Be Good With Money shows us why talking about money can transform our lives—and how to do it—inspiring readers to crack open the emotional vault and break the fiscal glass ceiling.

You deserve to be good with money—and this book will show you how.



Publisher - Book Whisperer

Author(s) - Michelle Arpin Begina


Published Date - May 14 2024

ISBN - 9781960610089

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1 cm

Page Count - 184

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