Botanical Colour at your Fingertips


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Unlock the colour potential of the plants around you. Experiment with wild plants, garden herbs, as well as fruit and vegetable skins. Create your own unique palette of colours and dye clothes, fabric and yarn.

This book takes the stress out of natural dyeing, so you can start your colourful journey with plants.

Are you confused how to get started with natural dyeing? Are you concerned that colours will fade? This book demystifies the natural dyeing process, offers alternative methods that simplify the whole process, and empowers you to explore the plants that you already have at your fingertips.

Have you been intrigued about plant dyeing but you’re put off by the chemical mordants that you’ve heard you must use? Well, I wrote this book for you. Try the soya milk pretreatment method which is a totally natural alternative to alum, and will help bind dyes to fibres.

The book covers the following + much more

  • how to produce long-lasting colours on plant fibres such as cotton, linen & bamboo.
  • how and why to pretreat fabric and yarn in soya milk before dyeing.
  • choosing plants that will give promising results in the dye pot.
  • how to extract the most colour from plants and how to achieve dark colours on cellulose fibres.
  • my methods for producing deep pinks from avocado skins and stones (pits/seeds).
  • altering colours by changing the pH of dye.
  • using iron or rust water to darken your dyed fabric/yarn and expand your palette of colours.
  • painting patterns with iron water.
  • testing fabric and yarn to see how long the dyes last in sunlight and after washing.


Publisher - Rebecca Desnos

Author(s) - Rebecca Desnos


Published Date - November 14 2016

ISBN - 9780995556621

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 106

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