Blues Soloing For Guitar, Volume 1: Blues Basics


Title: Spiral Bound
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Want to play smokin' blues guitar? This step-by-step method book with free video lessons, backing tracks and audio demo tracks included, can quickly get you confidently playing authentic sounding blues guitar solos and licks!

Learn how to play authentic blues guitar with this exciting new book and video package:

  • 100% confusion-free language and simple explanations
  • Dedicated website featuring video lessons and demo of all the solos, scales and techniques in the book (see and hear everything!)
  • No music reading necessary: guitar tab, chord and fretboard diagrams make it easy to learn even if you can't read music
  • Downloadable 'Play-Along' audio practice tracks (download and play along to make sure you're getting it right!)
  • 'Live band feel' blues backing tracks for every solo study in the book (also a great tool for jamming practice)

This book is perfect for you if:

  • You are a beginner looking to learn the basics of blues guitar without it being confusing and taking you years
  • You are an intermediate blues guitar player who wants to brush up your skills, learn new techniques and build up your vocabulary of blues licks
  • You're frustrated by your inability to play great blues solos but don't know where you're going wrong
  • You want to feel more confident when you step up to play blues in your band or at a jam session
  • You've been left confused, disappointed or frustrated by other methods you've followed when trying to improve your blues soloing
  • You want to play blues guitar but just don't know where to even start
  • You're fed up of trawling through millions of YouTube guitar lessons and want a proven, easy to use method to follow which will get you results

In Blues Soloing for Guitar, Volume 1:

  • You'll master the essential basics all the great blues guitarists use in their playing
  • You'll discover the techniques, licks, scales and theory used by the hottest electric blues guitar masters
  • You'll learn to play authentic blues solos in the styles of Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, Albert King, Freddie King and other blues legends, complete with a lick-by-lick breakdown
  • I show you my proven 'Power Move' method so you can immediately start playing blues licks and solos of your own (without it taking years...)
  • I show you what you need to know about string bending, vibrato, blues curls and other crucial blues guitar techniques (so you can get them sounding great)
  • You're shown the music theory, scales and chords you need to play authentic blues styles... taught in a no-nonsense and easy to understand way

Blues Soloing for Guitar Vol. 1 features the following lessons:

  • Introduction: How to use this book and video package
  • Lesson 1: The Basics You Need to play Awesome Blues Guitar, including the 12 bar blues, the minor pentatonic scale, the blues scale
  • Lesson 2: String Bending, Blues Curls and 'Kickin' Off' Solo Study, including bending hand position, how to bend and how to make it sound bluesy!
  • Lesson 3: Vibrato Technique and 'Sweet William' Solo Study, including 3 vibrato mistakes to avoid
  • Lesson 4: Sliding Scale Patterns and 'Blues Brew' Solo Study, including the sliding minor pentatonic pattern and sliding blues scales
  • Lesson 5: The Major 3rd Trick and 'Windy City' Solo Study
  • Lesson 6: More 12 Bar Blues Theory and 'Don't Rush' Solo Study, including one-four-five blues chords and quick change blues

Ready to come on this journey of blues guitar discovery with me?


Publisher - Headstock Books

Author(s) - James Shipway

Spiral Bound

Published Date - November 20 2023

ISBN - 9781914453342

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 80

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