The Long Haul: Understanding the Complexities of 12-Hour Nursing Shifts in a Tertiary Level Hospital in Qatar


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This study focused on understanding the experiences of nurses working 12-hour shifts in a tertiary hospital in Qatar. The researchers employed a mixed-method approach, including a survey and semi-structured interviews, to gather data from 350 nurses and 11 participants, respectively.
The quantitative analysis revealed that nurses perceived negative impacts on their well-being, job satisfaction, and patient care outcomes when working 12-hour shifts. Specifically, nurses reported experiencing physical health issues, fatigue, stress, and decreased job satisfaction. The survey findings highlighted the challenges faced by nurses in maintaining high-quality patient care during extended shifts.
Thematic analysis of the qualitative interviews further supported these findings. Nurses expressed significant levels of stress, burnout, and pressure associated with their work shifts. They described feelings of being overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the demands of the 12-hour shift schedule.
Overall, this study provides important insights into the experiences of nurses working 12-hour shifts in Qatar's tertiary hospital setting. The findings emphasize the need for attention to nurses' well-being, job satisfaction, and workload management. Addressing these factors is crucial for improving the quality of patient care and ensuring the overall satisfaction and effectiveness of the nursing workforce. In conclusion, this research underscores the importance of implementing strategies to support nurses in managing the challenges posed by 12-hour shifts.


Publisher - Eliva Press LTD

Author(s) - Bejoy Varghese


Published Date - September 07 2023

ISBN - 9789994989256

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 60

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