The Professor in Children's Literature: An Anthology


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Although professors feature in many popular and enduring works of children?s literature, their role has been so far unexamined. Academics are routinely illustrated as old, white, scientific men with unruly hair, who settle into the stereotype of the male, mad, muddlehead. Published to coincide with Professor Terras?s monograph Picture-Book Professors: Academia and Children?s Literature (2018) ? which shows how such a trope emerged ? this anthology gathers together a selection of material that illustrates it in action. From the ineffectual and baffled Professor Ptthmllnsprts in Charles Kingsley?s The Water Babies to the conceited Professor Wogglebug in Frank Baum?s The Emerald City of Oz (and other less well-known characters rediscovered here) the image of the professor in children?s books indicates that the suspicion of experts and the mistrust of science has a long history.


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Author(s) - Melissa M. Terras | Melissa M. Terras


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ISBN - 9780992858179

Dimensions - 17.8 x 12.7 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 285

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