Hanno, or the Future of Exploration


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This is the only the second ever republication of the first book by the Scottish writer James Leslie Mitchell (better known as Lewis Grassic Gibbon). Commissioned for a popular series in futurological writing, Hanno, or the Future of Exploration looks to the decades ahead from the vantage point of 1928. Largely ignored despite its author’s later fame, the extended essay makes several startlingly accurate and some bizarrely inaccurate predictions about the coming exploration of land, ocean, the inner Earth and outer space. The text is here supported for the first time by a scholarly introduction, explanatory notes and commentary which help the reader rediscover a forgotten yet still highly readable work of a major modernist author.


Publisher - JETSTONE

Author(s) - Lewis Grassic Gibbon | Macdonald Daly


Published Date - March 26 2021

ISBN - 9781910858196

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.4 cm

Page Count - 80

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