The Great Bone Robbery


Title: Paperback
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Chief Growler is head of the police department in the town of Dogchester in the kingdom of Boneland. Chief Growler's role is to keep law and order in Dogchester. But when there has been a large theft of golden bones from the bank... Chief Growler sends Detectives Snooper and Snatcher on the trail to investigate what has happened. Meanwhile, Deputy Gruff is trying to work out whose idea it was to hire identical twins? Come along and join the detectives in their first adventure of the Dogchester PD series...


Publisher - Partnership Publishing

Author(s) - Sam Shepherd | Sarah-Leigh Wills


Published Date - October 31 2021

ISBN - 9781739924676

Dimensions - 21 x 21 x 0.3 cm

Page Count - 40

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