The Civilized Jungle Volume III


Title: Hardback
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In yet another botanical book safari, “The Civilized Jungle,” Tropical Plants, Facts & and Fun (Volume III),” picks up where the previous two left off! Complete with hundreds of additional, magnificent photographs, this is another, superlatively laid out and well designed, easy to read book regarding semi-tropical and tropical plants - from all over the world - and that thrive in and around his Ola Brisa Gardens in Manzanillo, Mexico. As before, Tommy has again written - often in a humorous manner through use of his diverse knowledge of minutia, love of the English language, off beat wit and love of puns - a work, quite simply, that is most enjoyable to read. Underlying this discussion of his “botanical buddies” are good, solid, nice to know facts, such as descriptions of their landscaping applications, as well as sometimes discussing their medicinal applications and edible uses. His narrative is light and easy to read - not written in the stodgy, multi-syllabic manner of a scholastic tome. And, if necessity requires him to use a Latin name, scientific phrase or some sort of botanical nomenclature, he explains it in a down to earth manner.


Publisher - Stephen Jackson

Author(s) - Tommy Clarkson


Published Date - July 25 2023

ISBN - 9798988139447

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 1.4 cm

Page Count - 226

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