Steampunk Furries - The Pipps: Coloring & Activity Book


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Dive into the enchanting world of The Pipps with "Steampunk Furries - The Pipps Coloring and Activity Book," a vibrant companion to the cherished children's storybook series. This comprehensive coloring and activity book ushers young readers and artists into the whimsical tales of The Pipps, encouraging them to bring these stories to life through creativity and imagination.


Inside, you'll find an array of activities designed to reflect the heartwarming narratives of the Pipps family. With 27 themed coloring pages, 5 word search puzzles, and 5 maze puzzles, each activity offers a unique window into the extraordinary lives of these beloved furry friends. The word searches feature keywords that highlight the core values of each tale, while the mazes offer fun challenges that captivate and entertain.


?? "A Blended Family" coloring pages celebrate the unity and diversity of love, teaching the significance of acceptance and the strength found in coming together.


?? "Mia's Heart of Gold" activities promote empathy and kindness, inspiring young ones to carry these virtues into the world.


? "Jax, The GOAT" sections combine sports-themed puzzles and games, underscoring the happiness in following one's dreams with familial support.


?? "Dazzle, The Fashionista" invites a burst of creativity and expression, highlighting the magic in staying true to oneself.


?? "A Tale of Love" allows children to immerse themselves in the story of Mr. & Mrs. Pipps, showcasing the enduring nature of true love.


"Steampunk Furries - The Pipps Coloring and Activity Book" not only nurtures creativity but also enhances problem-solving abilities, all while teaching invaluable life lessons through interactive scenarios and activities. Ideal for children of all ages, it ensures endless hours of entertainment and education, making it a perfect gift for any event.


Embark on the heartwarming journeys of The Pipps and let your imagination take flight as you color, solve, and learn with every turn of the page. Discover the strength of love, the happiness of familial bonds, and the bravery in being yourself with The Pipps!


Publisher - ARTEXT

Author(s) - Naida Hurst | Ghost DX


Published Date - March 26 2024

ISBN - 9606744000095

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.3 cm

Page Count - 59

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