Barking Up the Right Tree


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Calling all dog lovers and puzzle enthusiasts! Unleash the joy with Barking Up the Right Tree, a unique activity book that combines the challenge of 100 dog-themed word searches with the delight of 50 fascinating dog facts. This book is a tail-wagging treat for anyone who adores dogs and enjoys sharpening their mind with word searches.

Imagine delving into puzzles that celebrate the incredible diversity of our canine companions, from the noble German Shepherd to the tiny, spirited Chihuahua. Each word search is carefully crafted to entertain and educate, introducing you to the fantastic world of dogs.  You'll uncover "Half a Hundred Happy Doggy Details" that reveal intriguing insights and fun facts about dogs' behaviors, abilities, and unique bonds with humans.

Barking Up the Right Tree is more than just an activity book; it's a journey of discovery and a tribute to the love and loyalty of dogs. Whether you're a puzzle fan looking for your next challenge or a dog enthusiast eager to learn more about your furry friends, this book promises hours of engaging fun. It's the perfect way to relax, unwind, and celebrate the joy dogs bring.

Don't miss out on this paw-some adventure! Grab your copy of Barking Up the Right Tree today and start barking up the right tree with every page you turn. It's time to fetch your pencil, cozy up with your four-legged friend, and solve through the delightful world of dogs. This book is a must-have addition to any dog enthusiast's collection, perfect for gifting to fellow dog lovers or enjoying in the comfort of your home.


Publisher - Tio Felipe Designs

Author(s) - Tio Felipe


Published Date - July 05 2024

ISBN - 9798895080672

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.7 cm

Page Count - 130

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