My 100 First Animals in Yoruba Language


Title: Hardback
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This engaging bilingual book is part of the First 100 Words series in Yoruba language and English. It is packed with lovely animals of every sort, including land animals, water animals, birds, insects, reptiles etc. With over 100 bright and colourful pictures, this book is sure to arouse your child’s curiosity and interest in learning and exploring the animals in Igbo Language.

Each page comes in a particular colour scheme and is dedicated to a different class of animals such as land animals, rodents, water animals, etc. The Yoruba words are highlighted in a different colour from the English words to clearly differentiate the two and to make the words stand out. Your children will love learning about the animals and their sounds as you read along with them and make the oink, moo and baa sounds together.

This book is not only for the young kids, but also for the older ones and for you parents to brush your Igbo skills up. Overall, it is a great book which will develop your child’s speech, stimulate their senses and familiarise them with new Igbo words.


Publisher - Braz Books

Author(s) - Ngozi Otiaba


Published Date - January 30 2024

ISBN - 9781838328573

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 30

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