Le Petit Prince - Der Kleine Prinz: Français-Allemand / Französisch-Deutsch | Bilingue avec le texte en regard - Zweisprachiger paralleler Text


Title: Paperback
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? ???? ???? ? <b>BILINGUAL</b>: French-German facing translations on two columns within the same page (it's easier to read and to check correspondences between the two languages)<br> <br> ? <b>FAITHFUL TRANSLATION</b>: Faithful and unabridged full text translations of the original French text<br> ? <b>ILLUSTRATED</b>: With all 48 original illustrations by the author, included the first one of Chapter 7, usually absent on other editions<br> ? <b>PLUS</b>: With 4 additional drawings by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (from 'Lettres à l'inconnue') and, with the dedication to his friend Léon Werth, a photo of the author when he was a little boy<br> ? <b>BONUS</b>: It contains also a short story (postscript) by Wirton Arvott<br> ? <b>IN COLOUR</b>: Full color edition<br> ? <b>OTHER EDITIONS</b>: 36 bilingual and single language editions: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian and European Portuguese, German, and Dutch<br> ? <b>EDUCATIONAL</b>: Collectibles, and for educational purposes<br> <br> ? <b><i>This is a bilingual parallel text edition.</i></b><br> <i>Easy reading: if you are learning or improving your German or French as second language, this bilingual edition contains one of the most faithful translation of this masterpiece. An easy to read paragraph by paragraph French-German parallel text book.</i><br> <br> ????? Perfect for work, school, home or travels!<br> <br> ?? ? Useful gift for adults and kids to surprise your friends, family members, teachers or colleague, for Christmas, secret Santa, white elephant office party or family exchanges, coworker, friends, birthday, anniversaries or a nice thoughtful surprise. ♥♥♥


Publisher - Kentauron

Author(s) - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | Wirton Arvott


Published Date - November 07 2023

ISBN - 9781646733071

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 116

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