Hello Little Moon | Bonjour Petite Lune: Bilingual French & English bedtime story


Title: Paperback
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Hello Little Moon Bonjour Petite Lune - a children's bedtime bilingual English & French story book following a little girl and her dog who doesn't want to go to bed! Join them with the help of the moon to see that everyone has to sleep! A warm, calming story to read before bedtime and a wonderful way to introduce English and French at bedtime to help your little ones to sleep!

  • This bedtime story has been written in English and French, making it ideal for families wanting to immerse themselves in a second language.
  • Each line is translated in French and English
My daughter is learning French at the mo and the English version of this book was her favourite as a toddler so she knows it well!!




Publisher - Ann Hamilton

Author(s) - Ann Hamilton-Lee


Published Date - November 21 2022

ISBN - 9781804671498

Dimensions - 25.4 x 20.3 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 26

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