Out of My Mind; A Collection of Poems


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'Out of My Mind' is a collection of personal and parochial poems by Robin Wiseman. It contains his early poems dealing with his response to his diagnosis of cancer in his mid-fifties and his need to find a way to express his feelings about the condition and the consequences that could flow from it. As he says in the introduction to the book, "There is nothing quite like being faced with your own mortality to inspire you to examine your life and beliefs." Throughout the book you will find poems reflecting on his search for meaning and understanding. As his condition improved over the years, he is now in his '70s, his poems became more optimistic and varied.They relate much more to the other things that go on in his life and touch his heart. You will find much that is thought-provoking and humorous. The poems in this book have a very personal, human and loving content.


Publisher - Upfront Publishing

Author(s) - Robin Wiseman

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ISBN - 9781780353425

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