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Your 7 Steps to Wedding Speech Success - I will show you: (1) Preparation - how to calm your nerves and be fully prepared before and on the wedding day (2) Get your material - three simple ways to get you overflowing with ideas in no time - your main problem will be what to leave out! (3) Structure and write your speech - how to turn those ideas into a great speech quickly and painlessly (4) Edit your speech - how to polish your speech into the best it can possibly be (5) Practice - the secret sauce - massively boost your confidence and ability to stand up and deliver your speech (6) Delivery - do your speech as confidently, calmly and impressively as any professional (7) Troubleshooting - so you’re 100% prepared for anything that could possibly happen! The Wedding Speech Manual is your complete, practical, step-by-step guide to writing and performing a personalised wedding speech which will be enjoyed and cherished by your loved ones, friends and family. This comprehensive yet readable guide is for all wedding speakers – father of the bride, groom, best man, brides, mothers of the bride, bridesmaids – and will: * Give you the confidence that you have an excellent, original wedding speech which hits all the right notes * Get your speech written quickly – so you can focus on practising and all the other things you have to do! * Show you the tools which the professionals use to master their nerves – so you can deliver your speech confidently, coolly and calmly - and enjoy the big day! The Wedding Speech Manual will show you: * What you will be expected to say and do * How to master your nerves and stop them getting in the way of your successful speech * How to find loads of entertaining and amusing material to fill your speech * How to get the audience on your side right from the start * The reasons why so many wedding speeches fail - and how to make sure yours doesn’t * How to write and perfect your speech – a lot quicker and easier than you ever thought possible


Publisher - Burning Chair Publishing

Author(s) - Peter Oxley


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781912946013

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 158

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