A Racehorse Foal Born in the purple


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Our very rich, wealthy racehorse owner has one of the finest racehorse brood mares in the world and he gets the services of a world class thoroughbred racehorse stud stallion. These two together produce one of the prettiest, bonniest filly foals you ever did see. But even more important, one of the most highly well-bred foals in the world. The racing experts of the world, they say, “This is A FOALBORN IN THE PURPLE,” what they call a ‘Blue Blood’. In my story I tell of the birth, weaning, handling and ‘swinging’ of our filly foal. Then on through her life into a ‘yearling’, on to her coming of age and being ‘broken in to ride’ on the ‘lunging line’ and ‘long lines’ or ‘long reins’. Our filly then goes on into training at our racing yard stables with our very shrewd and wise trainer. He has his own ‘secret gypsy potion food recipe’ which he feeds to his racehorses, and which makes them ‘run like the wind’. And I also tell about our stable lass who looks after our filly and who rides like Lester Piggott! I tell of how our filly trained on the ‘Low Moor and High Moor home gallops’ and then, together with a large string of racehorses, carried on training on the ‘high upper moorlands’. How she also trained with starting stalls, river swimming and in an ‘equestrian aquatic swimming pool’, and had ‘racing box’ training. Then there’s our beloved lady racing box driver. She has special powers over racehorses. I tell of many ‘turf history’ stories and of my favourite ever racehorse and jockey. I also tell of ‘at the races’, the jockeys’ weighing room, the ‘race reading commentator’ and big-time gambling. And then our filly’s first ever race. Join our readers and follow our filly foal ‘born in the purple’ through her training and racing life. Wow, what a filly! Wow, what a jockey! You bet they are.


Publisher - Upfront Publishing

Author(s) - Douglas Cox


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781915012340

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 176

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