The Sparkler


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????? “A dark hymn to pre-Victorian London in all its grotty glory.” Nick Perry, author of The Loop

Charles Dickens is a newly famous author and a man who has only just married. He thinks that he is about to become a father. 

Why, then, does he go wandering London after dark and why, under the influence of a famous clown, does he begin an affair with Sarah, a barmaid who works in a North London pub?

While his own descriptions of sex barely exist, he becomes immersed in an affair so all-consuming that his life begins to fall apart. He takes to drink, he develops a liking for rough company, he even steals a necklace. Where will it end?

During a Christmas entertainment held in his own house, Dickens, Sarah, and his wife edge towards a confrontation that has the potential to ruin him for ever.


Publisher - Vine Leaves Press

Author(s) - Alan Humm


Published Date - May 28 2024

ISBN - 9783988320636

Dimensions - 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.5 cm

Page Count - 268

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