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A combination of passion and inspiration, ‘A Slice of Switzerland’ has been created as an experience to share all the flavours of Anita’s home country.

This recipe book will take you on an adventure through the culinary delights that Swiss people cook over the year. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for the texture, flavour and depth that it offers the dish.

A recipe book that shares the flavours of day-to-day Swiss food and the Festive Celebrations and Special Occasions that bring Swiss together gives you an insight into what a food community in Switzerland is.

Anita’s life has been dedicated to food, nutrition and wellness worldwide. In every country she has lived in, she has had the joy of sharing her love of Switzerland through the food Anita has created for her new family and friends.


Publisher - Anita Robin

Author(s) - Anita Robin


Published Date - February 13 2023

ISBN - 9780646863061

Dimensions - 21 x 29.7 x 1.1 cm

Page Count - 112

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