Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Techniques - A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Art Using Buttercream Icing


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Our goal is to make palette knife painting techniques with delicious buttercream frosting truly accessible to everyone. We have made sure to include as many applications as possible so you can use this technique in creating lovely textured backgrounds, floal designs, impressionist style art, sculptured elements and so much more.

From the basics of handling the palette knife with finesse to advanced buttercream sculpting and layering techniques, this book is a comprehensive resource, suitable for all skill levels. Delight in the chapters that cover intricate designs, floral motifs, and abstract patterns, each accompanied by detailed illustrations and pro tips.

Any design can translate into a palette knife painting design. Here you will learn different applications, strokes, and techniques to create anything. Make attractive backgrounds, floral elements, impressionist paintings, accents, and more for any size and shape cake. From the simplest design to the most complex imagery, you can find everything in this book.

Anyone with the right recipe, a passion for cake decorating, and a palette knife can learn these sensational design ideas from Valeri & Christina of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes - the world's most talented buttercream artists. They lead the world in buttercream cake decorating, and now you can follow along with their carefully developed techniques to bring beautiful new life to every cake you bake.

  • frosting and cake recipes
  • 21 cake projects
  • 25 2D flowers
  • 7 3D sculpture palette knife painting flower techniques

WINNER OF BEST BOOK AWARD, Cake Masters Awards 2017
Authors of Bestselling Buttercream Books:

- The Contemporary Buttercream Bible (2014)
- 100 Buttercream Flowers (2015)
- Buttercream One Tier Wonders (2016)
- Buttercream Flowers For All Seasons (2018)
All titles with multiple language translations.




Publisher - Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes Ltd.

Author(s) - Valeri Valeriano | Christina Ong


Published Date - September 24 2023

ISBN - 9781399967099

Dimensions - 27.3 x 21 x 1 cm

Page Count - 144

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