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Are your customers looking for a mind-blowing way to cook hundreds of healthy fried recipes? Do you want to make sure that by buying just one book they will come back to buy again and again? Then, You Need This Massive Bundle in Your Library and… Your Customers Will Never Stop to Use and Gift It! ? - WHY YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED THIS BESTSELLER BOOK When you’re cooking effortlessly, you brim with confidence and are ready to take on the world! Air fried foods are a healthier alternative to traditionally fried foods, offering tons of scientifically proven health benefits, such as improving your appetite, cholesterol, blood pressure and reversing diabetes. Rest assured, your customer, the Air Fryer beginner, will learn how to master his Air Fryer stress-free! Your customers will discover:  Why Air Fryer is the best alternative to traditionally fried foods  Hundreds of Tasty Air Fryer Recipes  Hundreds of Healthy Oil Free Air Fryer Recipes  Hundreds of Fried Recipes for Two  Nutritional information and affordable ingredients  High-quality pictures and idiot-proof instructions Are you ready to leave a permanent imprint on the lives of your clients and their families? Click the "BUY NOW" Button, Buy DOZENS of Copies, and Let Your Customers Rob Your Library!!


Publisher - Sir Nick International

Author(s) - Sonya Jones


Published Date - August 23 2021

ISBN - 7571314220940

Dimensions - 20.3 x 25.4 x 2.7 cm

Page Count - 478

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