Artificial Intelligence in Africa


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Remarkable progress is occurring in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Africa, in large scale projects, but also via micro-entrepreneurship based on mobile telephony. Prospective entrepreneurs in AI on that continent, need to recognize opportunities, develop requisite skills, and leverage available resources to succeed. 

This book introduces some key potential benefits for AI in Africa's development. It discusses current AI investments and projects in Africa through case studies of AI applications for social good, particularly in healthcare. The book emphasizes the urgent need for strategic investment in developing homegrown AI skills and talent in Africa. It show that creating inclusive, responsible AI ecosystems that tackle local challenges could also lead to Africa exporting AI based systems to other parts of the world.

The book aims to motivate and guide different audiences on AI's African opportunities. For aspiring tech entrepreneurs and students, it explains the AI landscape and how to start a career or businesses. For policymakers, it advocates more regional collaboration and investing in strategies for skills development. For larger business leaders, it encourages collaborations with universities and government. 

The book also covers relevant topics like promoting responsible AI governance and ethics in Africa. 


Publisher - BookVAULT Publishing

Author(s) - Doye Teido Agama


Published Date - September 29 2023

ISBN - 9781804678671

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 109

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