The Melenbakah Scrolls : Men Of Honor

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The Melenbakah Scrolls is a sacred document protected by the Difindir People of ancient Africa for millennia. A sacred document that outlines the history between the human race, and the Melohim, the ancient race of extraterrestrials who engineered humanity, and gave birth to the original Demigods. A shadowy government organisation has been hunting the scrolls over many centuries in order to find out how they can prevent the prophecy within the scrolls. In the not so distant future, after years of Civil-War Ex-Convict Buster Larson (from The Mystical legend Of Eagle-Ras) becomes the founder, and leader of the ‘Men Of Honor’, a paramilitary organisation that now has full control of the Petty Peak Estate and surrounding areas of Covingham, UK. Buster and the Men Of Honor organise the community, protect the community against the tyranny of the government, and police the community themselves, having banned the police from their territory. Buster however is ageing, and soon to be succeeded by his nephew, Jahid (1st son of Xana). Jahid, and his siblings are young and unaware that they are going through their rites of passage as unwitting descendants of Demigods. Sinead, the youngest, does not yet know that she is the prophesied mother of the next Demigod, and is under attack by demons who wish to father the Demigod or kill her altogether, she must be protected at all costs. As always, the Larsons are always being watched, and protected in secret by the family guardian Melenbakah. There are enemies in high and low places that seek to dismantle the Men Of Honor, and ancient enemies of the Melohim that wish to destroy the Larson family, in order to prevent the next generation of Demigod from being born as was prophesied in the Melenbakah scrolls. Will the Larson Kids survive the times and bring forth the next Demigod? Or will they perish? Let us watch over them, as the Ancestors watch over us!


Publisher - Daniel Christie

Author(s) - Daniel Christie


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781527281622

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 177

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