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What would you do if saving the universe meant losing your soul? A deadly choice between saving everyone you ever loved and your own total annihilation. This is the decision Raiden Nakamura must make as he faces off against the might of the Demon Imperial Alliance - a horde of ancient alien invaders hell-bent on conquering our solar system and seizing a powerful weapon in the form of the giant super robot: Mayhem. Little did Raiden know, when he first strapped into Mayhem’s pilot seat, he would have to not only battle the alien menace, but also Mayhem itself, in a struggle for control over his mind and soul. But Raiden is not alone. His friends Ulysses Breton, Captain Randolph Carter, Dr Mengyu Wen, Chief Engineer Suelita Solar and the rest of the ISTA Theseus must help him retain some last semblance of the man he once was. (Super Robot) Mayhem is a graphic novel from award winning writer Jeremy Biggs (Metal Made Flesh), co-creator Adrian Mursec (, Artist Bordon (Stormy Weathers) and Aphex Twin / Ghost in the Shell: SAC designer Paul Nicholson.


Publisher - Subversive

Author(s) - Jeremy Biggs


Published Date -

ISBN - 3340402135345

Dimensions - 29.7 x 21 x 1.4 cm

Page Count - 200

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