Blank Comic Book for Kids


Title: Hardback
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Tired of seeing your little one or grandkid glued to a screen? Wish you could get them more engaged in the arts? Now's your chance with this great activity book for kids that allows them to write their own stories and draw their own comics! Blank Comic Book for Kids gives them plenty of room to tell their stories, create a comic book storyboard (or several), and develop their own cartoon character creations all within the same book. Filled with comic book panels made up of various styles across 100 pages, this book will keep budding artists busy for hours as they practice their creative writing skills, sketch their wild ideas, and get sucked into a world of imagination. Full features include: LARGE 8.5 x 11 pages with a glossy cover. TIPS on how to make an amazing and incredible comic book with a short tale featuring artwork by Ksenija Kukule. EXAMPLE page showcasing word balloons to use for inspiration. 12 UNIQUE panel grid layouts scattered throughout in random order. MULTIPLE USES - use it as a cartoon notebook, sketchbook for kids, comic book creator kit, or even as a place for them to express or vent their feelings. It's the perfect gift for the holidays (use as a stocking stuffer/stocking filler!), birthday present, Easter basket gift, or even for the classroom. Hardcover edition.


Publisher - Young Dreamers Press

Author(s) - Young Dreamers Press | Ksenija Kukule | Fairy Crocs


Published Date - August 14 2023

ISBN - 9781990864636

Dimensions - 27.9 x 21.6 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 119

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