In Search Of Karl Mayer-Eymar


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Karl Mayer-Eymar was a 19th century Swiss geologist and an expert in the Tertiary period. He was a complex character, multitalented, introverted and possibly autistic. He visited many locations in Europe and North Africa amassing a personal collection of fossils estimated at 500,000. He was the first to attempt to date the age of the Earth using data from the natural world. This biography follows Karl from his birth in Marseille, his childhood in Rennes and St. Gallen, to his education at the University of Zurich and the Academie des Sciences in Paris, and his lifelong work as a lecturer at Zurich Polytechnic. Karl's life story concludes with his last will and testament which was referred to the Swiss Federal Council, the highest court in Switzerland, as certain conditions could not be met within the law of the day. The focus here is on Karl the man rather than Karl the geologist as his persona and character had a strong influence on his major scientific and academic achievements which are not overlooked, especially where they relate to the cliffs at Barton on Sea.


Publisher - Riverside Publishing Solutions

Author(s) - David Hall


Published Date - May 15 2023

ISBN - 9781913012779

Dimensions - 21 x 14.8 x 1.3 cm

Page Count - 172

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