Beyond Beliefs


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'Beyond Beliefs' is a compelling and extraordinary true story spanning The First World War, The Great Depression, The Partition of India and The Holocaust. This epic memoir recounts the story of Sohail Husain's parents and grandparents, whose lives were engulfed by momentous events of the 20th century. His parents, Karola and Afzal, were separated by birthplace, race, faith, language and age, but their common experience of unimaginable upheaval and loss ultimately brought them together. Their love story was complicated and unconventional, but enduring. Beyond Beliefs, is a testament to human spirit overcoming tragedy and adversity. Sohail's evocative prose delivers a deeply personal insight into his family's journey that spans continents and cultures. It exposes the horrific consequences of war and violent extremism, and the struggles faced by immigrants and refugees, still very relevant today. In places distressing, frequently emotive and sometimes amusing, this powerful thought-provoking homage reveals amazing discoveries, astonishing coincidences and history repeating itself.


Publisher - Partnership Publishing

Author(s) - Sohail Husain


Published Date - December 11 2023

ISBN - 9781915200495

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 3.7 cm

Page Count - 520

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