98 Years A Lancashire Lad


Title: Paperback
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This is the journey of a boy, born in Castleton, Rochdale, on the 23rd of December 1925, through in the inter-war years of the 20th century and right up to 2023. Offering a rare glimpse into the lives of the working class in the industrial North of England during and after the war; 98 years a Lancashire lad transports you from steam-driven factories and mills to the computer-aided design and manufacturing of the digital age. 


Chronicling one man’s drive and determination to make the most of life, Bernard Whitworth left school on the outbreak of World War II to become an apprentice in an iron foundry, and has worked and lived his lifetime within ten miles of his birthplace. 


Follow the boy into adulthood as he turns his hobbies into income-generating activities, courts, marries and has children with the love of his life - all while continuously challenging his employers to improve the way things are done. And, the story isn’t over as Bernard continues his life in Rochdale. 



Publisher - YouCaxton Publications

Author(s) - Bernard Whitworth


Published Date - January 20 2024

ISBN - 9781915972361

Dimensions - 22.9 x 15.2 x 3.4 cm

Page Count - 499

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