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Reconnect with nature through natural dyeing. Join Rebecca Desnos and her friends for some beautiful plant dye projects, including ink making, bundle dyeing with flowers, eco-printing with leaves, plant pounding onto fabric, and lots more! This book is the perfect way to explore new techniques.

Enjoy over 100 pages of botanical dye recipes, tutorials, articles, interviews and inspiration. This is a collaborative book with 4 projects written by Rebecca and 7 written by other artists from around the world.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by natural dyeing, then this is the book for you. It’s full of easy-to-understand projects that are illustrated with gorgeous photos. Plant Dye Zine takes the overwhelm out of natural dyeing so you can enjoy yourself as you explore your creativity.

  1. Botanical inks on paper made from avocado stones + pomegranate skins by Rebecca Desnos
  2. Eco-printing with leaves by Louise Upshall from Gumnut Magic
  3. Petal paint by Rebecca Desnos
  4. Flower + leaf pounding by Samorn Sanixay
  5. Inspiration from the forest – blind tree drawings and making ink from pinecones, by Yasuna Iman
  6. Making paint from oak galls by Rebecca Desnos
  7. Homegrown colour: starting your own dye garden, by Flora Arbuthnott from Plants + Colour
  8. Growing cuttings by Tina Bettison
  9. Bundle dyeing with flowers by Maggie Pate, Nade Studio
  10. Make + decorate a flower press by Rebecca Desnos
  11. Flower pressing: bonus interview + tutorial with lots of wonderful tips, by Tricia Paoluccio from Modern Pressed Flower


Publisher - Rebecca Desnos

Author(s) - Rebecca Desnos


Published Date - August 17 2020

ISBN - 9780995556683

Dimensions - 23.4 x 15.6 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 108

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