Product Design: A course in first principles

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In this book, Elivio Bonollo takes us on a 'learning journey' about design including a scholarly explanation of the characteristics and power of the design process. It provides valuable insights into the attitudes, knowledge and skills that underpin the design discipline at an introductory level of expertise, and has been developed to meet the needs of aspiring designers in many areas including industrial design, design and technology, art and design and architecture. Elivio uses an operational model of the design process?along with related educational strategies, learning outcomes and an ordered set of design briefs?to develop a systematic, problem-based method for learning design from a first principles viewpoint. The beauty of this approach is that it brings structured learning to aspiring designers whilst being mindful of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Each part of this book encourages self-expression, self-confidence and exploration: it is has been carefully designed to take the reader on a highly motivating journey of design thinking and creativity, supported by excellent sample solutions to design problems, lucid discussions and extensive references. These solutions, developed by design students, serve as novel examples of how to solve real problems through innovative design without restraining creative freedom and individual personality. The design learning method and strategies in this book will greatly assist design and technology teachers, students of design, aspiring designers and any individual with an interest in professional design practice.


Publisher -

Author(s) - Elivio Bonollo


Published Date - February 04 2016

ISBN - 9781784562939

Dimensions - 27 x 23 x 2.3 cm

Page Count - 320

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