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Switzerland is a conceptual dream that has been realized in part due to geographical and historical circumstances, but first and foremost by conscious and robust design efforts. The country’s journey in search of identity unfolds in this essay as a consistent quest for reconciliation of traditional dichotomies between rural and urban, state and community, culture and nature. In this context, an argument is developed for a multi-dimensional approach to design called “deep urbanism.” Swiss architect and urbanist Markus Schaefer believes that Switzerland, in its current state of resilient and complex equi- librium, could provide inspiration on productive urban envi- ronments of the future and the practices that will be needed to operate within them effectively.


Publisher - Strelka Press

Author(s) - Markus Schaefer


Published Date -

ISBN - 9785907163096

Dimensions - 18 x 11 x 0.6 cm

Page Count - 94

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