The Fancy of the Earth (Khyale Khak)

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The conversion of a cultural, social and historical monument into a collection of pictorial date is an efficient activity, which, if continued, will precord the precious picture in the mind and heart of the audience and will provide investigator, designers and adherents of such matters with the possibility of research without necessarily being present in the place proper. This is the first time that the present writer witnessed such a cultural activity with such a quality performed. The subject of this project is one of the valuable historical and cultural monuments of Isfahan which was built by Sahebebne Ebad as the threshold of the small Jame Mosque. Documentation of ancient historical monuments of Iran is a task which in various ways records what heritage has remained from the past and remains from the present for posterity. This can be helpful documentation for anthropologists who for them is impossible to travel Iran, therefore, the writer prepares documents with CorelDRAW Graphics available for clients that need to ask by email after purchasing.


Publisher - Voodoolily Mehravipour

Author(s) - Reza Nasr Esfahani


Published Date - September 02 2020

ISBN - 9789642588602

Dimensions - 23 x 22.5 x 0.2 cm

Page Count - 39

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