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Koko's father, a fisherman who was always able to catch enough fish to feed his family, grows tired and sick when the fish start to disappear. After discovering a small, abandoned boat which takes on a life of its own, Koko wants to help by fixing up the boat, venturing out to sea and catching lots of fish. Koko is disappointed by the amount of garbage in the water and decides to try to clean up as much of it as possible. When a storm blows in, Koko's determination and the magic of the little boat lead them both on a surprising and positive journey. Koko and the Little Boat is a story of determination and resilience. It fosters environmental awareness, emphasizes self-esteem and because the story and the illustrations are gender neutral, all children can immediately identify with Koko.

Koko's story was born of the unlikely, but intriguing cooperation of three artists from very different backgrounds - Ajay Mathur singer songwriter and musician born in India, residing in Switzerland, Rakesh Dayal artist and illustrator, born and living in India and Mary Lou von Wyl writer, born in the US, residing in Switzerland. The story was inspired by the message of resilience in Ajay Mathur's songs. Children from age 3 and older can relate to the vibrant illustrations and an unexpected, adventurous story with all of its ups and downs.


Publisher - Ajay Mathur

Author(s) - Mary Lou von Wyl | Rakesh Dayal | Ajay Mathur


Published Date - October 12 2022

ISBN - 9789391828158

Dimensions - 21 x 29.7 x 0.5 cm

Page Count - 48

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