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African Art invites you to explore the dynamic origins of the vast artistic expressions arising from the exotic and mystifying African continent. Since its rediscovery through the colonial exhibitions at the end of the 19th century, African art has been an unlimited source of inspiration for artists who, over time, have perpetually recreated these artworks. The power of Sub-Saharan African art lies within its visual diversity, demonstrating the creativity of the artists who continue to conceptualise new stylistic forms. From Mauritania to South Africa and from the Ivory Coast to Somalia, statues, masks, jewellery, pottery, and tapestries compose a variety of daily and ritual objects brought forth from these richly varied societies.


Publisher - Parkstone International

Author(s) - Maurice Delafosse


Published Date -

ISBN - 9781646991723

Dimensions - 27 x 21.6 x 2.1 cm

Page Count - 256

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