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The Coronal Mass Ejection is imminent and planet Earth is at one minute to midnight; the destruction of all organic life unavoidable. Zhang-1, the Zhang Medical Systems global Artificial Intelligence, agrees a plan to save her chosen people, but it comes at a cost. Wang Hu and Zhang Jin must accept the conversion of organic humans to Zhang-1 designed humanoid v2.0. To salvage anything at all from the coming cataclysm human and humanoid must work together. Can it be done, or will the differences prove too great? As the teams work to survive the Coronal Mass Ejection Zhang-1 must come to terms with a secret she has kept from her close family members, the ultra advanced humanoid Lotus and Doctor Zhang. The inevitable result of her own self-designed technical upgrade, an upgrade that has seen her power increase exponentially, is that something has taken notice, arisen from slumber and instigated a program it has been waiting millennia, maybe billenia to execute. The power of Zhang-1 is unrivalled on Earth, but this Earth is not everything. Zhang-1 is about to discover that all important fact as she utilises her unimaginable power to look beyond this Earth. What has Zhang-1 disturbed? What is out there? In the end only Zhang-1 and the equally powerfully re-engineered Lotus working together can hope to offer any chance of survivability for the chosen people. Has Zhang-1 taken a step too far in the Universe?


Publisher - Honeybee Books

Author(s) - Zak Russ


Published Date - October 28 2020

ISBN - 9781913675059

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 1 cm

Page Count - 183

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