Door-To-Door Sally


Title: Paperback
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“Sally Porter hadn’t wanted her parents to move house, but they had gone and done it anyway.”


Sally Porter’s mum and dad love their new dream home in the countryside. But for 11-year-old city-girl Sally, it’s a nightmare. With no friends, nothing to do and parents with no idea, all she wants to do is escape. The perfect scenario for a crazy new superpower. 


When a dare with local kids goes wrong, Sally can’t believe it when she rushes to hide in a mouldy old cupboard but finds herself at a large birthday party in Alabama. Her door-travelling adventures have just begun. With help from secretive young cat-burglar Sesame and crafty old Enoch from The Invisible Emporium, Sally learns to teleport anywhere she wants – and quite a few places she shouldn’t – as easily as stepping from one room to another.


But her escapades don’t go unnoticed. Grumpy Inspector Valentine of the Door Police is on Sally’s (and Sesame’s) case and suddenly she is being chased, arrested and almost killed. Sally is more important – and in more trouble – than she realises. To save the door-travelling world, Sally must work out who her friends are, hone her skills and set a trap for the enemy before her incredible new talent is crushed, permanently.


Door-To-Door Sally is part of the ‘Our Weird World’ series of surprising, suspenseful and strange stories for middle grade readers - children aged 8-12. You can read the series in any order. A kind of ‘Stranger Things’ for kids, these books mix real-world problems with paranormal themes and will appeal to fans of Harry Potter, Story Thieves, Keeper Of The Lost Cities and The Dark Is Rising, as well as authors like Ross Wexford, Ross Montgomery and Neil Gaiman.


“On the upstairs landing of a medium-sized house somewhere in a north London suburb, a small, nimble figure emerged from the door to the linen cupboard and crept cat-like across the hall. The time was just after three in the morning. The kind of time when everyone should be asleep. And if they’re not asleep, then they’re probably up to no good.”


Publisher - Look Here Productions

Author(s) - Douglas Caleb


Published Date - May 28 2024

ISBN - 9781917295031

Dimensions - 19.8 x 12.9 x 1.8 cm

Page Count - 325

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