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Discover what scenes may seem on a one of a kind reading adventure!

A Londoner takes a trip down memory lane and provides a gripping memoir in original elegantly illustrated verse of her early childhood journeys through London’s famous places and landmarks.

Following London Baby Seaside, London Baby Rides and London Baby Christmas, London Baby Sights is the 4th book in the London Baby Series.

It fits nicely in the hand and makes a wonderful pocket size companion and gift to Londoners, visitors, tourists, guides, city fans, culture and geography explorers and family adventurers across all age groups. It is a must have for any parent wanting to navigate their family through London’s Museums and attractions in a fun and informative way.

The book is the first of its kind to introduce London through a poetic recollection. It is filled with unexpected magic and thought-provoking observations. It weds romantic verse with insights and historic facts gathered through the actual walks and visits:

  • it takes the reader to Albertopolis to explore Royal Albert Hall, Natural History Museum, Albert Memorial and Victoria & Albert Museum
  • it turns to Knightsbridge to shed light on the history of Harrods and Harvey Nichols department stores;
  • it immerses into Westminster’s picturesque Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament including Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, National Gallery, Burlington House and Tussauds
  • it guides through busy Bloomsbury into British Museum and Covent Garden, and revisits BT Tower and BBC100
  • it explores the Knowledge Quarter making a stop at British Library
  • it ghost hunts in King’s Cross and looks for Platform 0
  • it leads the way through Thames Embankment overlooking Savoy Hotel, Somerset House, London Eye, Tate Modern, Cleopatra’s Needle, Globe Theatre, Queenhithe, Tower of London and Tower Bridge
  • it steers through the ancient City of London and visits Guildhall, Barbican, Monument, St Paul’s Cathedral, Bank of England and City’s sky-scrapers: Shard and 30 St Mary Axe
  • it goes further east to Second Square Mile - Canary Wharf
  • it celebrates London 2012 Olympics legacy and visits Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to look up ArcellorMittal Orbit
  • it descends under the Thames and ushers through Greenwich Foot Tunnel to wonder through the Maritime Greenwich and stand in both hemispheres marked by the Prime Meridian
  • it heads West to a botanists’ paradise - Kew Gardens
  • it shows the allure of Historic Royal Palaces: St James’s Palace, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court
  • it presents British icons such as City of London Dragons, Red Telephone Box, Post Box, Cabman’s Shelter and Police Call Post
  • it pays homage to the famous London Zoo
  • it takes respite in leafy Hampstead

The book feels sincere and personal. It celebrates London’s rich history and architecture, arts and culture. The tasteful imagery and rich vocabulary instills a sense of wonder and excitement, and adds a fresh perspective on UK capital’s iconic landmarks.

Written to be enjoyed in myriad ways - read aloud or in quiet solitude, poem at a time or all in one go it gives the reader a vast foundation to study, build upon and explore the metropolis further. It will be read many times over, each time as if it was the first. Aided by comprehensive index it’s easy to navigate and come back to favourite places.

The pilgrimage to London through its pages is an enchanting and memorable journey in itself.

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Publisher - LANDE Jewels

Author(s) - LANDE JEWELS


Published Date - March 06 2023

ISBN - 9781739211547

Dimensions - 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.8 cm

Page Count - 116

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